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John Naughton

Page history last edited by Jane Secker 13 years ago

Initial meeting - 3rd May 2011

  • Be revolutionary - aim to develop skills for where students will be in 5 years - not a catch up exercise - but a forward looking programme.
  • Think about how the programme would be taught
  • Think about (but don't be constrained by) staff development issues for library staff
  • Set up a support group for the project


Ideas to discuss on 10th May with John (Jane's thoughts)

- Our methodology (use of interviews with key information literacy people and others),

- use of literature to inform curriculum

- Need to find out more about school librarians work and IL curriculum in secondary schools? Sarah Pavey and Nikki Heath both very knowledgable school librarians who would be worth interviewing

- What about a questionnaire to reach a wider audience?

- concerns about keeping the project managable in 10 weeks.


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