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Initial brainstorm

Page history last edited by Emma Coonan 12 years, 11 months ago

The following notes were written by Jane and Emma on 3rd May 2011 initially on a whiteboard.




Relevant Models of Information Literacy

SCONUL 7 pillars - the new version

FutureLab digital literacy model

Researcher Development Framework

Learning Literacies - LLIDA project


People to talk to

Ruth Stubbings and Moira Bent

Sheila Webber and Sheila Corrall

Transkills Project: Helen, Corinne, Marianne

Amyas and Anne-Sophie at CARET (13 Things for Curriculum Design)

Leeds info matrix people


Anna Jones, Wolfson


How do we define information literacy (-ies)?

Information literacy (IL) - traditional library approach, possibly too narrow

Information skills (IS) - wider but still library-based

Digital literacy - possibly hard to define, e.g. what Jane does is different from what Emma assumed!

Learning literacy or literacies


Are we taking a holistic view and tackling the whole information cycle behind e.g. researching and writing an essay?


What do you need to do with information?

Students need to:

  • Find information
  • Evaluate it
  • Analyse it
  • Manage it
  • Use/synthesise it

... and as a preliminary to this process they must

  • Recognise the need for information


They also need critical thinking skills - the traditional 'academic' skills:

  • Source evaluation
  • Ability to read 'against the grain' of the argument, judge use of evidence
  • Ability to analyse arguments and compare viewpoints
  • Ability to form an argument

Specific digital skill:

  • Capacity to determine authority & authenticity of digital information - physical format yields lots of clues, but online everything is just a link


What skills and competencies are needed?

Skills audit - e.g. a checklist of what the institution needs

Create a diagnostic tool for students to evaluate their own skills and competencies

GDP-style evaluative questionnaire - novice to expert?

A Researcher Development Framework for u/grads?


The curriculum must be ...

flexible and adaptable



include active learning

take account of a range of learning styles

sustainable post-project


Avoid assigning the curriculum to specific roles, e.g. librarian/learning developer/academic - join it up so no-one can argue that "it's not my area"!





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